Classes For Irrigation Department Examination


Classes For Irrigation Department Examination


Infinity Engineering Academy has been rendering quality services in MES competitive examinations by providing quality training for aspirants who aspire to crack the competitive exams. We have been rendering dedicated services to the professional organization, engineers and people within the country associated with Power, Water Resources and Renewable Energy Sectors.

It has grown up into an eminent organization of international importance where we are serving the state equally with nice distinction.


Our coaching Institute is equipped with all the required amenities like airy and spacious lecture halls with trendy teaching techniques; equipment. We also have laptop laboratory facility; Quarters for the permanent tutorial employees. Extremely qualified faculties with years of teaching expertise handle the classes. Classes are provided on weekdays & weekend basis each. Classes are conducted on a regular basis.

Services & key functions:

  1. Conduct the 2-year full-time course on certification in Irrigation Engineering
  2. Conduct the in-service coaching programs to Irrigation officers in numerous classes
  3. Conduct short term coaching programs for outsiders (Government officials; non-governance in line with their request)
  4. Conducting sensible examinations for Engineering Assistants (JTE- junior technical examination, STE – senior technical examination)
  5. Conducting survey camps for university students
  6. The coaching institute undertakes works like calibration of flow, styles, consultation; lecturing at universities on Irrigation field.


  1. Dissemination of technical data and data through numerous modes, e.g., the publication of journals, manuals, technical reports, guidelines, organizing seminars and conferences and recognition of technical excellence through bestowing awards.
  2. To offer coaching to the engineers/professionals.
  3. To offer practice services
  4. To offer analysis and skilled excellence.
  5. To establish Technical information, technological developments and to produce info services to the professionals.
  6. Introduction of Latest Technologies.

Scope Of Agricultural And Irrigation Engineering:

Since a large section of the population depends on agriculture and with fast technological advancements happening in this field, the role of agriculture and irrigation engineers has come back to amass significance. Agricultural engineers will play an important role in developing and coming up with instrumentality that's not only at par with international standards however additionally meets domestic necessities. Today, plenty of emphases is ordered on putting in one’s own business and it's in this regard that an agriculture and irrigation engineer will take upon himself the role of an enterprise. The irrigation engineer must ensure that steps are being taken to safeguard plants from frost in cold climates. Irrigation systems also are utilized in dry areas as this can be the sole thanks to offering water to the crops.

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